Other things I do when not weaving…

So, yes, I’m knee deep in a writing challenge at the moment and it’s going OK, but the other thing I’ve been doing is travelling (again!). This time, just within my own country and that is my excuse to post some pics of local fauna… cute, cute fauna…

A quokka
What am I? Well, cute, yes, but I’m also a quokka.
Eucalyptus tree with a sleeping koala
Koala (sleeeeepy) in a tree
A wallaby with an itch! She also has a joey in her pouch… soooo cute!
Small bird sitting over the water on a rope
One for the bird lovers… a martin maybe? Not sure.

A little holiday and a little cloth

So, I’ve been in Wales for the past few weeks enjoying myself. Unlike my Scotland trip, weaving didn’t really feature. But I did see one quite lovely bit of cloth… in Dublin!

Yes we finished our jaunt with two days in Dublin, and I spent quite some time in the National Museum – Archeology.

Image of the entrance to the museum

They have a great collection of things, including some lovely medieval church robes, but what really caught my eye was a bit of Egyptian cloth. Ancient Egyptian cloth!

I apologise for the not-great pic, but it was dark in that exhibit and you weren’t allowed to use tripods…

A section of black pattern on natural coloured cloth

Isn’t it lovely?

I enjoy looking at such old cloth. It reminds you of how fundamental fibre working has been to the success of human society. And that we have an overwhelming bent toward the decorative!

No weavy stuff…

I’m currently visiting the home of tartan (!!!!) but so far it’s been a holiday light on weaving stuff. Did see some cool backstrap weaving bits at the National Museum of Scotland (they werent Scottish) but I haven’t bumped into any Scottish weavy stuff. Of course there are kilts and clan tartan identifiers, but other than many a thing made from Harris Tweed I’ve struck out! So far…