Things don’t always come out in the wash

So I’ve been a bit obsessed with the honeycomb weave recently and decided to do a scarf to play with the weave more. The result is very elegant, but it’s not very honeycomb! This was a lesson in over-fulling.

To explain what fulling it a little too far did to the pattern, take a look at these photos…


weaving on the loom
This is the cloth on the loom. Showing it’s spot-lace origins, you can’t see the honeycomb much at all


the cloth off the loom
Once off the loom the honeycomb pattern sprang to life! Though a lesson was that black probably isn’t the best weft colour for this weave


the cloth after washing
Notice how most of the warp has vanished in between the rows of lace? That’s not because the photo is blurry – it fulled and made a weft faced cloth!

Now I didn’t full this more than I usually do. The problem here was just that I really didn’t need it to full at all and should have given it a much shorter, cooler bath.

Of course this is why you should take your samples all the way through the process. I’ll admit I hadn’t washed mine! Still, the scarf itself has a great 3D texture and the overall effect is lovely.

Naturally there will be another attempt at this weave in the future. It’s just too cool not to try again!