Experimenting… with pancakes

No I haven’t started weaving food… hang on… weaving food… hmm… let’s put that away for moments of future weaving insanity!

No, I’ve been cooking. Pancakes. Pikelets. Round, bubbly batter blobs of varying kinds.

Aside from the fact they’ve mostly been delicious (not the burnt ones…they were blech) it’s been nice to cook something I haven’t tackled for a while. And revisiting one of my all time favourite cookbooks… my Winnie the Pooh cookbook. It features, unsurprising, honey in most recipes (in case you’re wondering what constitutes a Winnie the Pooh themed recipe collection), though some have golden syrup instead.

Pikelets that contain golden syrup are delicious. Just putting that out there to the pancake fans among you!

Since then I’ve made them with maple syrup instead. I made giant pancakes. And then switched recipes to try some wholemeal pancakes. For some reason wholemeal pancakes hold a fascination. Don’t ask; I don’t know why.

Next up, I’m planning savoury pancakes. Just because I’m on a roll with the wholemeal thing.

The irony of all this pouring and flipping is that I often joke how everyone who eats in cafes with me thinks I live on pancakes. I almost always order them, though I do sometimes branch out into french toast. My reason for frequent pancake brunching is that “I never make them at home”. Ahem.

By the way, Happy New Year.