Dyeing, not dyeing…

A while ago I was all geared up to try dyeing some yarn… or some cloth… well, it kind of got delayed, and delayed and didn’t happen.

But I did dye something recently!

Purple and aqua hairPurple on top. Aqua on the bottom. Liking it a lot!


My family has too many hobbies!

I’ve been resisting the urge to dye yarn for a long time, mostly because I don’t get on well with chemicals, but the urge to do some simple dye work has been growing. Finally I thought I’d try a small project and that meant getting a small amount of a mordant . Not always easy to do.

But I had a hunch that if I asked my family if anyone had some alum there’d be a ‘yes’. There was!

This is the thing about my family; we have far too many hobbies. Guaranteed someone will have the random chemical etc that I need when I launch into my own new random interest!

Stay tuned for more posts on my mini-dyeing attempt.