Floating off and on again…

The purple weft-float project is complete! Finally.

Pretty happy with how it turned out too and excited to see how it looks after a bath. Most importantly, I’m liking the reverse as much as the front! Not all techniques give equally nice results both sides so I’m definitely seeing it as a plus.

The front of the scarf… I like how the zigzags highlight the angles caused by one of the yarns (a pale/dark twist used in the warp against the solid weft).

So, what’s next?

Well I thought I’d keep with the floats, but try a more traditional kind that’s been on my to-do list for a while. Good ol’ window panes. And after a few strong coloured projects, this time I’m going… oatmeal.

Though the yarn is made from recycled fibres so you get little hints of colour here and there (don’t know if you can see it in the pic).

In an ironic twist, this is also a fluffy yarn my allergies don’t love so I’ll be weaving wearing a mask…just as masks have been mandated where I live for all outdoor activities! Well, at least I have quite a few handy…

Today I even made a prototype mask for myself (most masks don’t sit well on my face)! So that’s a completely separate thing happening in the craft room currently…

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