A fresh scarf!

After a four month no-weaving zone, I finally got bitten by the bug this weekend. I was finishing off my wavy shuttle experiment (more to come), but finally lost interest (this happens) and so cut it off and started something new!

What surprised me was that I did a scarf-in-a-day! It was very satisfying. As was the colour…

Pink fluffy yarn crossed with black yarn

It’s also soft and fluffy. Very soft.

This is why I like plain weave, because a lovely yarn is all you need to make a lovely bit of weaving! I can’t wait to see how it washes.

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3 thoughts on “A fresh scarf!”

  1. Can you follow patterns on a 2 shaft/harness loom that are designed for rigid heddle as they seem to essentially the same? I have a 2 shaft I found at a yard sale…couldn’t leave that behind. It’s a Leclerc Nilec….in good working order.


    1. Yes Melanie, you can do 2 shaft patterns (where the pattern is created by how it’s threaded) on any loom. I believe with a harness loom it can be more difficult to do pick-up stick patterns, but I can’t claim to be an expert as I’m 100% rigid heddle!


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