2019 in weaving…

Can’t say 2019 was my most prolific year from a weaving stand-point, but it was exciting for the new additions to the craft-room family. First there was the baby loom. Then the wavy-shuttle.

Though, I am sad that my threading hook is still MIA…

I did like working in the craft-room with its lovely new paint job, too. The darker colour has, naturally, made the room seem smaller, but it’s a big room so that doesn’t matter. What I like, is the constant texture and input of the pink cross-hatching. Very pleased.

Part of the reason I bought a house was to get away from “rental white”. Then I bought a house that was… mostly cream. A pink room is a visual feast in comparison.

And what does 2020 hold for the weaving? Well, I did have some ideas. Then I realised that my other passion – writing – was probably going to need my full attention next year.  So, we’ll see, but I suspect 2019 will start to seem quite productive when I look back!

Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely festive season and I’ll be back on the bloggie in Jan.