Exploring leno #3: a sampler

So, in the last post I looked at a single row of leno, but what if you follow that directly with another row? And what does 1:2 leno or 2:2 leno look like? What happens if you mix the direction in which you twist?

Below are pics to answer these questions!

Single row of 1:1 leno
Here is that row of 1:1 leno again…
Two rows of 1:1 leno
Remember how leno is created by a normal row, a twist row and a normal row? Here I used the normal row at the top of the first leno, to form the bottom of the second leno. Note how the plain weave row in the middle gets twisted because of the twists in the leno above and below?
Two rows of 1:1 leno separated by plain weave
Here I followed the normal, twist, normal for both the first and second leno.

Already you can see you have choices about how you use leno from a pattern perspective… Let’s look at some more:

Making a 1:2 leno where one warp thread twists around two others
2:2 leno where two threads twist around two more

So far, I’ve been twisting all in one direction with these examples, but you can alternate your twists across a row, or within a row…

Two rows of 1:1 leno with different direction of twist
Doesn’t show up well with a dark yarn (apologies!) so I’ve drawn a few lines to make it clearer! Here the first and second leno twist in opposite directions
1:1 leno where the twist alternates across the row
Here the twist alternates with each pair of warp threads

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