Well that was surprising…

Not at all weaving related, but… at lunchtime today there was a kangaroo hopping down my street! A ‘roo. In the ‘burbs.

I’m not far from a creek and wetlands area so it probably shouldn’t be this much of a surprise, but where I live is true suburbia. And you just don’t get midday kangaroos normally.

Here’s hoping she found her way back to the non-car area safely.

Commission delivered!

So, here is the set of scarfs that I’ve been knitting…

A pink, knitted scarf for mum and for bub

I’m very pleased with how they turned out! This photo makes them look like they’re different shades of pink, but that’s just the lighting; they’re the same yarn. Well, one is 4ply and the other 10ply, but you know what I mean.

This is cotton, knitted on oversized needles for the ply, in a 2-2 rib. I’ve knitted a scarf for myself like this in the past and the result is a lovely “squishy” fabric. Also gets an almost scalloped edge going on the ends which is kind of nice.

Not the warmest, true, but a nice bit of extra cover around the neck. I’m hoping my friend’s wife like’s them.