Lunchbox project: Success!

I haven’t said much about the lunchbox project since it began. Mostly, that’s because I was slow to make my napkins and weave my dishcloths, but it has now been in full swing for a bit!

The dishcloths have been more successful than I’d hoped. They dry well in the office and don’t seem to hold too much grease or food bits.

Napkins have become tea-towels! Well, sort of. They still get used as napkins, but they are good tea-towels too, so I haven’t made a dedicated tea-towel. I might still do that though as the napkins are kind of small.

The reusable cups are in use, though I need to get a glass one for use in the office (the silicone ones I own are carried in my bag for on-the-way-to-work drinks).

I haven’t bought dedicated cutlery yet, but I have removed a spoon from the office stash and that’s enough for eating most foods!

So… it has gone pretty well. The next thing I want to make are waxed cloths for wrapping sandwiches etc. Exciting!!

And, while it’s not part of the lunchbox project I have to say the patching of the jeans worked for their first wear. I’m hoping to patch a second pair now and that may mean a clothes-buying-free year this year!

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