Weaving colour #7

So in the previous posts about this I talked about using different shades of one colour or choosing a complementary pair, but you might have a yarn stash that doesn’t provide those options, or you might just like lots of colours in your cloth! What to do?

Say you want three colours. There is something generally pleasing about three colours I think (maybe that’s just me) and you have two easy options here:

  •   triadic colours
  •   analogous colours

Sorry what? Yeah those colour terms get a bit weird.

Simply put, if you take any three colours from the colour wheel that are equal distances apart then that’s your triad. The most basic of this is, of course, red, yellow and blue. The trick is that they must all three must be equally far apart, like spokes.

colour wheel

If, instead, you take three colours that lie next to each other on the wheel (e.g. green, blue-green and green-blue) then those are your analogous colours and will also work well together.

colour wheelWith both triadic and analogous colours you should use more of one colour and then the others in small amounts. You might remember that was mentioned too with complimentary colours.

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