Lunch box project: Frugality and waste

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about “I have thousands of dollars of debt” type frugality in this post. For me it’s about not wanting to be “wasteful” with my money and saving more than I do now.

Which is how, late last year, I discovered that I was… well… accidentally frugal. You see, I had consulted the internet on how to be a better saver only to find I couldn’t give up the suggested behaviours because I don’t do any of them!

It was a weird feeling. I mean I know I’m a good saver, but I don’t budget etc so I’d assumed there was room for improvement. Turns out that buying meals is about the only worthwhile area I can cut back in (other than giving up yarn). So, if I want to be more frugal then I need to solve the lunch problem.

This got me thinking about waste too. I can replace my paper wrapped, paper bagged sandwich from the shop with a paper wrapped, paper bagged one from home… but isn’t that a missed opportunity?

On work days, I’m definitely contributing to the vast amount of paper waste we create. And there’s no way that what I put in the recycling bin at work gets recycled – there’s just too much contamination (mostly take-away coffee cups) – so I don’t even have that to fall back on!

This is where the craft aspects come in. For the cleaning issues, I’m going to make myself some dish cloths and tea towels for the office. For eating, I’m going to start with some cloth napkins. It mightn’t involve weaving (we’ll see!) but it will definitely be a re-use, up-cycling thing. Exciting!

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