Lunch box project: The lunch problem

I have a lunch problem. It has a few parts to it, but the heart is the conflict between my desire to take lunch and my hatred of dirty lunch containers.

You see, I used to love buying lunch because I’d go out with work friends and we’d sit somewhere and let off steam. It seemed like good value for the $ spent. But then I went over to doing contract work and poof! work-friends became less common, bitching about work became less therapeutic and lunch shifted to take-away, so my environmental footprint went up a boot size or two!

Sadly, no matter how hard I try to take lunch, what stops me from succeeding is the dirty lunch container.

They hide. Only to be found later in a gross state. They resist cleaning. My containers are plastic and love chicken and other fats (chicken is the worst). Sometimes they leak. Which sometimes means they leak on other stuff because I don’t have a dedicated lunch box carrying receptacle/bag.

The observant reader might be wondering why I don’t just wash them at work. Well… I have three reasons:

  • seems daft to wash them twice, so a work wash needs to be a proper wash

  • I need to wear gloves to wash dishes (sensitive skin)

  • the work dishcloth is often a bit feral… okay, it’s always feral

  • if you dry things with paper-towel it leaves an odd smell behind, but I’m never using a communal work tea towel (see comment about dishcloths) and that’s assuming there is one!

So, a big part of the lunch box project is solving these problems. I have some ideas… Before I share these though, I’d like to explain the other issue I’m hoping to tackle; frugality. Stay tuned.

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