Lunch box project: It may just be an excuse for craft!

2018 appears to have delivered me a new project to work on. One that will involve a mix of problem solving, philosophical reflection and craft!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy coming with me on the journey to solve one of my biggest challenges in life…lunch.

Why this seemingly simple part of a day is any kind of problem, will be revealed over the next few lunch box project posts, but lunch has been a thorn in my paw for quite a few years now. It needs a solution and I think I might have found one. We’ll see.

The funny thing is that my original instinct to blog about this was rejected by the part of my brain that recognises a “first world problem” when it sees one. Then I looked more deeply at my lunch issues and realised they are actually tangled up in bigger questions like waste, health, financial security and charity.

So, here we are…and while I might not get to the craft aspects of this project straight away, that’s the part I’m probably most excited about!

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