I wish I could take my loom to work

The way I make a living involves project based work and if you do this kind of thing then you know it has quiet times. Particularly if a stage is running behind.

What I’d love to do during those quiet times is fold my loom, pop it in the carry bag, and try not to do actual bodily harm to anyone on the train getting it to the office! Then I’d have it all day to just unfold against the edge of my desk to fill the “I have nothing to do right now” times. I’d be more focussed in meetings too if I wove.

Others would be curious to see what I’m working on, so that would help break down the “silos” within the business and I’d be more productive because I’d never be bored.

See it’s all wins.

Except office jobs don’t work that way. Like a woman who explained she got told off for reading a novel in the copier room while the photocopier compiled hundreds of documents. Why? “You aren’t being paid to read a book.” No, she was being paid to stand beside a photocopier for 45 minutes!

Once-upon-a-workday I might have agreed it’s risky to blur the lines between personal and work in the office, but the people I come across in workplaces spend so much time on their phones – responding to social media notifications and answering text messages and emails, not to mention taking calls from kids and partners – that I think the argument is long lost.

So I will dream of a day when crafters can feel inspired at their day job. After all, I bought a folding loom to take it places!

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