A weaving-lite year!

So 2017 turned into an almost weaving free year. Oh well. It happens. But each time I come back to From This Cloth to check-up on things, I’m happy to see other learner-weavers are finding my posts on how weave-y things work. I hope you find them useful!

Of course this year got eaten up by the Scotland trip and the novel I’m working on, but also – if I’m honest – some fatigue. As I usually do, I went a bit hard at the new passion in my life and found I was ready to pack it away for a couple of months.

A few weeks ago a friend came to stay with me and she asked if I could show her how my loom works.

Now, she’s been on the journey with me since 2015 because video technology has allowed me to show her each new piece that’s come off the loom. So it was nice to be able to oblige. I measured a small warp, put on a few ends and wove a few rows.

Funny thing was that she was shocked by how long the set up takes and yet to me – probably because I know how long a proper bit of weaving takes! – I had to say that it wasn’t something that bothered me. Not for plain weaving anyway. Some of the two heddle threading activities have certainly tested my patience!

Of course, the thing that’s hard to explain is that the ‘preparation’ is part of the weaving. The choice of heddle and the use of colours are a good proportion of what makes a pattern or texture work.

It was nice to go through the steps of dressing the loom and doing an inch of weaving for her. Put me back in touch with all the projects sitting at the back of my mind. Over the weeks since she headed home, I’ve found myself looking at a list of ideas that I keep on my phone and you know what that means.

Bring on 2018!

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3 thoughts on “A weaving-lite year!”

  1. I have also not got much weaving done this year but am dressing my loom now. I still don’t love warping but at least I’m getting a bit more efficient at it. Looking forward to when warping takes hours not days…


    1. Look forward to seeing what comes off the loom at the other end! But yes, I once watched a video on warping an 8 shaft table loom and realising how long it would take went “I think I’ll stick with my rigid heddle” 🙂


      1. Unless I were an octopus I wouldn’t consider an 8 shaft table loom. Shafts are handy tho. There should be a post soon on my current project. Had to correct a huge threading mistake but back on track now. I have so much respect for our foremothers and their weaving.


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