The yarn hoarding instinct

I’ve never met a yarn-crafter who doesn’t have a slightly obsessive relationship with buying yarn. Most of us practice abstinence (i.e. yarn shop avoidance) as the only cure to this problem, to varying degrees of success.

This was something I was discussing recently with a friend who isn’t a yarn-crafter at all and she put it in a way that I thought was kind of lovely. She said that buying lovely yarn was like buying little balls of hope. That hope is that we will achieve happiness through owning/working with the yarn.

I think that’s true. Most yarn-obsessives I know take pleasure in both the actual yarn (colour/texure) and in the ideas for what to make from it. As long as you don’t fall into true hoarder territory where the yarn starts to take over your life, I think that’s probably fine!

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3 thoughts on “The yarn hoarding instinct”

  1. I’m trying to limit my purchasing to bargains that will give me the freedom to experiment without worrying about ‘wasting’ money if the project goes wrong. I just bought a HUGE cone of rug warp. It’s yellow yarn, but that will allow me to over-dye it. With luck I’ll get the warp colour I was planning on. I identify with the idea of planning for future projects but my goal is to use before I buy, with the exception of opportunities that are too good to pass up. As I said, it’s a goal….


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