What not to do when ironing

The weirdest thing about being a weaver is that I find myself obsessed with the structure of fabrics. Okay, I’ve always stared at people’s clothes for the colour and drape of fabrics, but now I maneuver at the train station to go up the escalator behind certain fabrics so I can stare closely at them without seeming like a perv.

One time this is not a good idea is while ironing. More than once I’ve stopped swishing the iron back and forth over an item of clothing, distracted by the “oooh, I’ve not noticed this fabric before…look at that structure…” Thankfully nothing has burnt yet!

So if you find yourself with a hot iron in your hand, my suggestion is either to stare at the fabric before you put iron to cloth or you stop and put the iron back at rest while you investigate.

an iron

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