Observations on hemstitching

The more things I’ve woven the more I’ve found hemstitching frustrating. Mind you, also the more I’ve liked the end result!

So the frustrating part is mostly working out which side to put the verticals on and which side the diagonals.  Not a big deal for plain yarns but with variegated yarns and colour patterns you need to put some thought into it – sometimes even just giving it a go.

Of course this means – often – that you’re not only doing the hemstitching “back to front” but “upside down” if you’re stitching the front edge of your web on the loom. Poor brain doesn’t much like this!

However, a lovely tidy even hemstitched edge is kind of wonderful.

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3 thoughts on “Observations on hemstitching”

  1. I’m going to try a knotted finish one one of my next samples. Sailors call the knot a clove hitch and I’ve seen the knot recommended as a weaving finish, but with a different name. If I can find the reference, I’ll comment again with a link.


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