The weird affects of weather

Why am I mentioning weather on a weaving blog? Well, you see, I always start planning yarn craft projects as summer ends. I know that might seem a bit strange to have a seasonal yarn habit, but I’ve never been able to knit successfully in the summer. My hands get to sticky and my tension all goes to hell, so it’s cold weather only knitting for me!

This knitting condition appears to have been applied to my weaving too by my (maladaptive) mind. I thought I’d licked it with the whole xmas present approach and then the tablet weaving, but no… no it’s obviously lurking in there, because the weather got 10 degrees cooler and suddenly I’m all excited about scarfs. Sigh.

As the temperature is about to shoot up again, I have the perfect opportunity to try to retrain the old grey cells on this issue over the coming week or two. Wish me luck!

Observations on hemstitching

The more things I’ve woven the more I’ve found hemstitching frustrating. Mind you, also the more I’ve liked the end result!

So the frustrating part is mostly working out which side to put the verticals on and which side the diagonals.  Not a big deal for plain yarns but with variegated yarns and colour patterns you need to put some thought into it – sometimes even just giving it a go.

Of course this means – often – that you’re not only doing the hemstitching “back to front” but “upside down” if you’re stitching the front edge of your web on the loom. Poor brain doesn’t much like this!

However, a lovely tidy even hemstitched edge is kind of wonderful.