Adding pick-up sticks to double weave

So, in my previous posts on double weave on a rigid heddle loom I’ve talked about having two pick-up sticks in use and that you use one when weaving the lower layer cloth and the other when weaving the upper layer of cloth. What I haven’t detailed is how you get them in position!

It’s pretty simple and is exactly like the first two steps I outlined (with pictures) in setting up string heddles:

  • After you’ve dressed the loom, drop both rigid heddles down so you can clearly see the slot threads
  • Use a pick-up stick to select the slot threads you need – in this case the slot threads for your top layer of cloth

That’s your first stick in place.

Then put both rigid heddles in the up position and pull the first pick-up stick toward the heddles. This will make a lower shed (behind the heddles) and you just pop your second pick-up stick into that shed.

Remember the top stick is used when weaving the top layer and the bottom stick is used when weaving the bottom layer. Both sticks are pushed to the back beam when not in use.

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2 thoughts on “Adding pick-up sticks to double weave”

  1. Thank you so much for this . I have Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom and i ordered a second heddle . Which it came with instructions on how to make a Shuttle Pocket wall hanging . Its two layers a front and back using White and Moss / Green . The instructions are so incomplete that your just totally lost . I’m still unclear on the threading . Its suppose to be 15 inches wide . It says skip the first three and the last four . Take one light thread put in hole and continue across . Take another put in slot first heddle . Take a dark put in second heddle hole and light through slot . But what it doesn’t mention is how to separate the sheds using the pick up sticks . I will be doing what you said tomorrow . So far i have found no one that explains it the way you have … Thank You , Jim , form the High Sierra’s California .


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