Six months a weaver (farewell 2015)

Well, it’s been a busy first 6 months of weaving! I’ve made a lot of scarfs, done a few samples and even branched out to things like a hand-towel.

So, here is my half-year as a weaver in pictures… lots of pictures…

My first weaving sample
very first sample
image of my second weaving attempt
second sample
image of my third sample on the loom
third sample
photo of 4 scarfs
the first few scarfs
image of scarfs and samples
five more scafs and two little samples


image of four square gradient pattern called magic step
magic step sample
image of cloth on the loom
pick-up stick sampler
image of weaving sample
2.5 shaft sample
plain weave versus twill - a side by side comparison
first 3 shaft twill (on the right)
my first double weave – a cushion cover – in blue, black and crazy sock wool
Two images of a woven tube
tubes! I also did some other tubes off this double weave warp but never photo’d them
blue and green scarf on the loom
first 3shaft twill pattern and first gift scarf
a weaving experiment
hand towel
the finished hand towel
log cabin done with a plain back in double weave
double weave log cabin with a ‘stripey’ back pattern
double weave swapping lower layer with top layer
double weave, swapping layers to make a colour square in the middle

So much fun had in 2015!

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