Record keeping

If you’ve been reading this blog then you’ll probably have noticed that I like to play and figure stuff out. The important thing about doing this, is that I have to keep records, because otherwise I’d forget what yarn or what reed I used for a given project.

It also allows me to record what I was trying to do and what I noticed as I went.

So what do I write down for each project? Well, the basics are the yarns (brand/type/colour/ball length) and roughly how much of/many a ball got used. I also record the reed, the number of ends and the finished dimensions of the piece.

I have to say this all leads me to constant surprise at how little yarn weaving uses compared to knitting!

But my little project cards from the past 6mths now give me a guide to how much of a certain yarn I’ll need on a particular reed. This is handy as I plan a few new projects even though it’s all approximate.

My goal for upcoming projects is to measure yarn onto my shuttles (right now I just load them up and hope!) and also to measure my warp length more accurately. This does pose the question of whether my little cards I’m recording on, will be big enough. It may mean graduating to a notebook!

Good thing I own plenty of ornate notebooks…

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2 thoughts on “Record keeping”

  1. I use a gridded notebook but I need to get much more disciplined with my note taking and start earlier. I’m working on a little test rag rug and it has been a full year since I put the warp on the back beam. Now I’ve had the opportunity to get on with the project I couldn’t remember what I originally had in mind.


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