Another experiment

a weaving experiment
yep, another blurry photo!

This experiment came before my hand-towel in fact, but I can’t say it was as successful…

The idea was to weave a continuous piece, but not weave the whole of the warp and change the section of warp used to create off-set rectangles.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine for a first experiment. It did however throw out some interesting challenges, the first of which was that you would need to graph this to make it really work. Why? Because as you wind forward onto the cloth beam, you lose track of how your “squares” are positioned.

Freeform is great fun, but I think this technique you want a particular mix of balance and asymmetry to make the final piece eye pleasing.

The other challenge was what to do with all those ends? Every “square” has at least some warp ends that need handling and they aren’t always very long. You can see in the picture that many edges look like they’re suffering from some kind of termite problem (well, that’s what it makes me think of!), but that’s the natural result of trying to sew in a looooot of ends.

The ends were also largely responsible for the not-square-ness of many corners. You weave and learn!

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