Christmas excitement isn’t the only thing catching…

I’ve had a whole week tucked up in bed with angry tonsils and a cough, too exhausted to type. So, if this post isn’t full of Christmas cheer, I hope you will understand!

Strangely, despite being so tired, I did manage to do some weaving. Not much, but the project I was working on was small and pretty well suited to low energy levels. I was making a hand-towel…

Creating yarn loops with a crochet hook and a knitting needle for a towel

This is the towel in process. You can see my lovely bamboo crochet hook which I’ve used to pull loops of caramel coloured cotton through the black cotton warp and onto a knitting needle.

Now, I didn’t use a pattern for this (I know, you’re surprised), but after some thought I decided that I’d:

  • use an 8ply cotton as my plain weave base, on a balanced but slightly open weave
  • use a finer cotton for my loops
  • do a pick of the 8ply in the same shed as each row of loops
  • manually give each pick a bit more of a beat after changing sheds (did that with a darning needle, but something like a tapestry hand-beater would have been useful)

I’ll admit that my selection of knitting needle was more of a “that looks about the right sized loop” type decision. And, yes, the selection of needles that were close at hand may have influenced me!

So, for all my slap-dash experimentation, how do I feel about the finished product? I’m very happy with it. The density of loops is lusciously soft and thick, and the caramel looks lovely against the black. I wove a little tag at one corner to make a hanging loop and it hangs rather nicely, too.

Of course, I won’t know how it goes functionally until wet hands have used its drying services. I will report back on that and provide a photo of the finished hand-towel.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas excitement isn’t the only thing catching…”

    1. Well, I wouldn’t want to make a bath towel(!), but once you get a rhythm going it doesn’t feel like a long process. Mind you, I’m fairly good at using my crochet hook in either hand and I could imagine it being slower for anyone who’s “handedness” is strong, as that would make every second pick a bit awkward.


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