Sigh… the first blog break

Every blog experiences breaks from time to time and right now FromThisCloth is having its first one! I have a bunch of posts in my head (always a useful space to have them), but am just a bit busy with other things.

Expect to be back with more before the end of November.  Happy weaving!

I wove a tube!

In fact I wove a couple of tubes. It may be my new obsession. It’s an awful lot of double weave fun!

So this was the first tube…

Two images of a woven tube

So, what creates the tube-y magic? Well, it’s pretty simple; you weave the top layer, then the bottom layer, then the top layer and finish with the bottom layer again. Basically you weave a circle. This creates a join on both edges and voila, a tube.

I will get into more detail about this in another post, but for now I’m just thinking of all the things I can do with tubes!

Joining #3 – the Russian join

In this final post on joins, I thought I’d mention a technique that is particularly good for (though not limited to) knitting yarns. It joins two strands of yarn together without using a knot!

The Russian join involves using a needle to poke the end of your yarn, back down the length of the strand leaving a loop at the top. You then pass the other strand of yarn through the loop and tuck that end down its strand using a needle. Clear as mud? Yes it’s definitely one for pictures and the best instructions I’ve found were these.

The only downside of this method is you are doubling the yarn back on itself which creates a greater thickness, but it makes a lovely neat join that you can then position in the weaving as preferred.

Image of a russian join