Joining #1

How do you join in new yarn when weaving? Well, there are a couple of different approaches. I thought I’d start by talking about a few options for joining at the edge.

Obviously, if you’re going to cut something from the cloth, or you will sew the selvedge into the seam, then you could just leave tails sticking out – maybe trim them after the cloth is washed.

If you want things neater than that, then you can do a knot. Alternatively you can weave the yarn ends parallel to the selvedge, with a needle. Nice and tidy.

But what about for something like a scarf?

Though leaving the ends hanging out is not the best choice for a scarf, I did do this with the soya yarn, as I figured it’d stay firmly in place as long as I trimmed it after washing. Seems to have worked!

With some yarns, a good weaver’s knot right at the selvedge, is fine for a scarf. I’d sample with each yarn to test the result (including washing), just in case.

Depending on the relative thickness / colour of your warp and weft, needle weaving it up the selvedge can be fairly invisible on a scarfs too.

Of course, these aren’t the only options. More to come in future posts!


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