Creating sheds with pick up sticks

Last post, I mentioned I was doing a more complicated threading.  This was the “magic step” pattern, which has groups of 2 and 3 consecutive warp threads on one shaft.image of four square gradient pattern called magic step

Because I wanted to focus on the pattern rather than how to get the right epi, I decided to only thread slots and create my sheds with my pick-up sticks!

Despite the fact I over beat it (you can see they’re not exactly squares), it turned out rather well, and the alternating colour pattern made picking up the right threads easy. Also, you use one pick up stick more than the other, so you don’t have to change sticks with each pick.

It was an interesting experiment…

The magic step pattern is a bit big for 8ply yarn (75 ends to get one pattern repeat!) I discovered that the threads bunched a lot due to being paired in slots – I’d probably split the pairs more if I used this method again. It was also difficult not to over beat with this threading.

The thing to keep in mind when working with multiple slot threads is that you need one pick up stick per slot thread. Why? Because each stick lifts one thread.

In fact, I did a fun little yarn-speriment to see what would happen if I used one stick for two slot threads.

So, I warped the reed/heddle with 2 slot threads and 1 hole thread. Then, in a down shed, I put every 2nd slot thread on the stick. I then wove in the usual way, but with an added step; after each down shed I left the reed/heddle where it was, turned the stick on its edge and wove a pick.

This is like weaving with 2.5 shafts (an amusing thought). It isn’t shown to full effect in this picture, but I like the resulting pattern.

image of weaving sample

This is how the slot threads interlace with the weft:

2.5 shaft interlacement


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