Two months a weaver

So I’m two months into this weaving journey and I have reached a point where I’m thinking about more structured projects. My “I want to try” list is huge!image of scarfs and samples

But that’s the future… the last four weeks have been about – mostly – trying yarns.

It began with a sparkly polyamide as seen in the dashes scarf, which was painfully stretchy to work with, causing all manner of warp issues, but I’m not unhappy with the result. Sadly my hard-to-please skin strongly dislikes that yarn.image of a patterned scarf

The second yarn-speriment was a colourful super fine merino variegspot2detailated. I can almost wear super fine so I decided to mix it with a lot of cotton (2nd spot scarf) and see what that did to wearability; success! There may have been dancing…

I re-warped my first warp disaster (sett too open) on a finer reed and the viscose/cotton yarn made a slinky, silky but not soft scarf (viscose can be kind of “hard”).image detail of red viscose scarf

Then, I took some unplied variegated wool and made this lovey dense scarf (warp is matching 10ply cotton), but it has the worst selvedges I’ve done. Will do a sample at some point to see if it’s the yarn or me! The colour refuses to photograph true – it’s actually a nice pale cherry under all that variegation.detail of cherry pink scarf

So then I wove a sample of some $1 acrylic I had that was, well, the quality you’d expect from $1 yarn. It pilled like the blazes as a warp, but overall wove okay. Really didn’t like how crossing it with itself brought out the ugly complimentary colour.greenvariThen I decided to work with some soya yarn. It is sooo soft and fluffy (see me itch and sneeze as I work it) and the result was pretty cool. It couldn’t survive the abrasion of the reed as a warp, but I figured that’d happen. (You can see it in the group pic, above.)

It puffed up on washing like a nicely fulled wool, so it’s a pity that the wool I used with it was a superwash, designed to do nothing when you wash it. In my defense I thought it said “superfine” not “superwash”!image of scarf with clasped weft

That brings me to the final project; the same soy and superwash, used for a captured/clasped weft scarf. I’m extrememly happy with how it turned out, but I have to say it was a bit exhausting. It takes a lot of energy making yarn placement decisons on every pick!

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